YOU have big dreams TO make the world a better place.

And to do that means you've got to seriously believe in yourself, know where you're going, and power through no matter what. But this is why you have to put yourself first sometimes. Because without you feeling positive, motivated, and at ease to begin with, how can you be strong for other people and act on your grandest goals?


Everything will be okay.

If you're looking for support in slaying the stress and overwhelm that follow your demanding lifestyle, I'm here for you. I'm your guide. Your secret backbone. Your shoulder to lean on (not literally, though, as I'm quite petite).

With my help as your Duke-Trained Integrative Health Coach, you can once again steer your life back on track, regain strength to hold your ground, cut through noise and negativity to power on, ease up your tension for good, and more!

And it's about time you let yourself hit resetBecause only when you and your grand endeavors thrive can the world thrive.

Take my hand, if you wanna

For free guidance from me, join me on Instagram, where my bite-sized motivational reminders can help motivate and ground you when you need it most.

For more in-depth but still easily digestible tips on how you can boost your mental, physical, and environmental health, check out the book I penned, Thrivehere.

And to learn how you can get the most direct, VIP support from me so you can reboot your life, regain your calm, and Finally Thrive ASAP, see here.



Wherever you end up going from here, I really hope you'll learn to "put your own mask on before helping others." Because we need you to unleash your best so you can actually enjoy life, spread good onto people around you, and make a difference with the unique gifts that only you have to share.

I look forward to getting the honor and opportunity to serve you in some way!

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A research-based introductory guide to holistic wellness...

"The volume is remarkable in its ability to condense material of substance into bite-size segments... In this respect, the book delivers an impressive format: an encyclopedic work in scope that has been adapted to contemporary environment for people who have neither the inclination nor the time to read a lot of specifics.

An elegantly written, passionately presented, cleverly organized guide to pursuing a healthy and responsible life."

-- Kirkus Reviews


For cause-driven founders, leaders, and change makers looking to pacify everyday stress...

Not to scare you or anything, but did you know that chronic stress can weaken your whole immune system, harm your body irreversibly, and leave you with possibilities to a wide range of chronic illnesses impossible to even begin naming? Yikes.

Oh, And apparently, 75% of all doctor visits today come from stress-related concerns.

I don't know about you, but hearing that alarms me. That's a whole lot of $$$$, physical and emotional suffering, worries from your loved ones, and cost to the important work you do that you can save if you hit the brakes today to release some weight from your shoulders.

So if you've been feeling tight, dampened, and burnt out, check in with yourself.

Will your current lifestyle sustain your health and everything you do? If not, what do you need to feel revitalized and whole again?

Do you just need a simple moment to breathe? A massage session? A weekend getaway? Or have you exhausted your options and are looking for bespoke guidance to help you bloom for good?

If quick fixes will do, go on and take care of your needs. Your future you will thank you.

But if you've been feeling the same overwhelm time after time, stop draining yourself! Let me help you before you wither like a delicate flower after a storm...