But they will remain mere thoughts in the back of your head until you translate them into reality. What are you going to do today to get one step closer to them? 

HEY there!

It's Kaméa Chayne here. I'm an Author, Speaker, and the only Integrative Health Coach supporting change-makers in unleashing their optimal health so they can better savor life for their wellbeing while serving the world.

How can I best help you?

Are you ready to pacify your life's overwhelm and make a meaningful transformation towards calm, vibrancy, and balance? See here.

Are you striving for a greater sense of life satisfaction and would like to learn how to truly savor life, boost your life quality, and live with passion and purpose?

Connect with me on social media or over at Konscious Whispers, where I regularly share research-based lifestyle tips and personal inspirations on holistic health.

Whatever it is that brought you here, I wish you a life filled with lots of healthy choices, because the world needs you at your optimal wellbeing so you can fully enjoy life, radiate good to those around you, and leave the world a better place than it was.


By 2020, two-thirds of diseases world-wide may result from lifestyle choices. The CDC estimates that 75% of all doctor visits are from stress-related concerns. And chronic stress weakens our overall immune systems and may manifest in a wide variety of chronic illnesses.

But tackling stress and other unhealthy behaviors isn't just about avoiding long-term diseases. It's also about maximizing our well-being and personal potential right now so that we can thrive in all areas of life.

So if you're feeling overwhelmed by our fast-paced modern world, now is the time to begin really taking better care of yourself.

Sure. You may have told yourself this before. And you may even already know exactly what you need to do to achieve your personal health goals. But altering habits sustainably can be extremely challenging without guidance from an expert in behavioral change.

This is where I come in.

As an Integrative Health Coach, I partner exclusively with high-stressed, time-pressed individuals to help them regain balance and vitality using a neuroscience-backed process for change.

By investing in your well-being today, you will give yourself a better opportunity to transform your optimal life vision into reality.

Are you ready to finally implement sustainable lifestyle changes and to find your calm and clarity in chaos?


Kaméa Chayne is an Integrative Health Coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine, one of the most prestigious preventive care facilities in the country. She has a background in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and also has a certification in Culinary Nutrition from Natural Gourmet Institute.

Some of Chayne's recent endeavors which speak to her passion and skills include publishing an evidence-based reference book on holistic health; speaking professionally to 1,700+ students and adults on wellness; being a panelist alongside Hollywood environmentalist Rachelle Begley-Carson at a Los Angeles city-wide event; and partnering with CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs with demanding lifestyles to optimize their health.

By combining her research-based knowledge, experience working with individuals affected by stress and anxiety, passion for creating lasting, positive impacts with others, curiosity to continue learning, and intuitive listening skills, Chayne partners with her clients strategically to optimize conditions for successful lifestyle enhancements.


Named one of the "Top Wellness Influencers" by Origin Magazine

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A research-based introductory guide to holistic wellness...

"The volume is remarkable in its ability to condense material of substance into bite-size segments... In this respect, the book delivers an impressive format: an encyclopedic work in scope that has been adapted to contemporary environment for people who have neither the inclination nor the time to read a lot of specifics.

An elegantly written, passionately presented, cleverly organized guide to pursuing a healthy and responsible life."

-- Kirkus Reviews