A 1x1 program for change-makers serious about leveling up their health, personal life and professional growth

As a mission-based entrepreneur myself, I know what it's like to feel this constant weight on our shoulders. I know how chronic stress can drive us to act in ways we don't intend to, drain our energy, and strip us of our motivations. I know with so many global, environmental, and societal issues to face, it's easy to feel down, negative, pessimistic, and doubtful, making us lose sight of our visions and question whether we can even make a meaningful difference. And I know that this journey in paving our own ways can be extremely lonely.

From the bottom of my heart, this is why I want to be here for you.

I believe YOU of all people deserve to thrive in every way possible, and I sincerely hope we can join forces to help you build bridges and get to where you'd like to go.

So apply for your free Clarity Call now to see if this 4-month 1x1 program can help you take your health and life to the next level. If you're an action taker, I look forward to chatting with you soon!



"I can be quite the apprehensive person when trying something new  I truly didn't expect to have such a drastic change in outlook on my life.

Especially for those of us who put a lot on our plates, Kaméa's Coaching can help guide you to create better plans that encompass so much more than what you might have thought of before.

The last few months taught me a lot about myself, and I felt it opened my eyes to the bigger picture, allowing me to become more productive and healthier in my entrepreneurial lifestyle."

— Natalie Kay, Eco-Lifestyle Influencer, Founder of Sustainably Chic.


"I went in with overwhelm, frustration and no sense of direction. And I came out with energy, focus and a working strategy.

Kaméa's gentle approach to coaching was effective to help me find clarity, take action and be more efficient in ways that worked for me and my entrepreneurial lifestyle.

having felt more productive, lighter and happier ever since, I'd say I'm a very satisfied client."

— Stephanie Gale, Business Owner, Designer, Beau Monde Organics, Los Angeles.


“What made her program different from traditional therapy approaches I’ve tried was the integration of personal and professional development, which are both very integral to my overall wellness and peace of mind.

And unlike life coaching, Kamea’s approach helped me to cultivate a completely different kind of self-awareness that delivered surprisingly quick results, [turning] my thinking around in a way that’s made a sustainable, deep impact on my life.”

— E, Environmental Educator, Business Owner, Ellume Naturals, Orange County.


Baby steps. Let's help you clarify what's next for you first.




What's your background?

"I was a bit skeptical at first. But it peaked my interest when Kaméa told me her practice was rooted in Duke Integrative Medicine, a trusted leader in the healthcare industry grounded in extensive research and evaluation." -- E., Founder of Ellume Naturals

To be honest, I get shy when I talk about myself. But if it'll help you decide if I'm the right Coach for you, I'm more than happy to tell you a bit about my background! 

At the heart of this Program, I'm an Integrative Health Coach certified by Duke Integrative Medicine (one of the top preventive care facilities in the USA). But my nerdy passion for wellness and holistic living really goes way back, from when I spoke professionally to 1,700+ young adults and educators on health just last year as a keynote speaker; penned a research-based book on healthy living with 200+ research citations; studied psychology at Washington University in St. Louis; learned Culinary Nutrition at Natural Gourmet Institute; to even further back when I fell in love with eggplants and broccoli as a little girl (I've loved fruits and veggies since I was a kid!).

My friends call me wise, grounded, driven, thoughtful, and... maybe a little headstrong. And Origin Magazine recently named me one of the "Top Wellness Influencers," having previously supported CEOs and various cause-driven founders, leaders, and change makers in optimizing their lifestyles. And now, I hope to be here for you as well.


Is your coaching right for me?

I'll be honest. This is not for you if you're looking for:

  • quick, magical overnight fixes to all of your concerns;
  • someone who will demand things of you and push you to your limits;
  • a done-for-you program where you can just sit back and watch; or
  • medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or a one-size-fits-all plan laid out for you.

But you're in the right place if you want to:

  • snap out of auto-pilot mode so you can run your life and not be run;
  • pacify your stress, overwhelm, and hypertension to live with more ease;
  • recraft your lifestyle in light of new health concerns;
  • enrich feelings of emptiness to feel whole, full, and refueled;
  • have a professional coach who will listen to and guide you without judgment;
  • strengthen your confidence and mindfulness to embody the leader in you;
  • get clear on what exactly you want and how you can work towards it;
  • make long-lasting, self-directed enhancements based on your desires; and
  • take practical actions that can result in huge milestones accomplished over time.


I'm interested. What's next?

If you're still reading this, apply to schedule your FREE Clarity Call to chat with me about your highest hopes and whether this program can help you get there!


What if you could stay superwoman without the overwhelm, burnout, and solitude?


Some of the most influential people are also the most selfless -- often forgetting about their own good when thinking on behalf of everyone else's. But when the world desperately needs great change to return to a place of harmony, balance, and sustainability, I believe all change makers, thoughtful leaders, and huge-hearted founders must take care of themselves first so they can best savor life while serving the world. If you're a visionary with grand endeavors, let's join forces, because the world needs your strength, voice, creativity, and leadership to endure and shine, now more than ever.



"It was a pleasure to have Kaméa as my Integrative Health Coach. She guided me to see my habits and behaviors from a different perspective, which was crucial for me in recognizing that I needed a change.

During the coaching sessions, Kaméa eloquently led me to clarity in what I wanted and how I could accomplish them, carefully and objectively extracting the important parts from the panorama of my life."

— F. R., Health Professional (Princeton, NJ)


"'Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.’ During my coaching sessions with Kaméa, she helped me in the process of setting my goals and she encouraged me to keep my eyes on them, instead of worrying about all the things that could go wrong.

[Kaméa] helped me regain my self confidence, and since our sessions I have made huge lifestyle changes. Kaméa was a fundamental piece in my path to becoming a healthier, happier version of myself. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.”

— D. G. M., Physician (Mexico City, MX)


"Kaméa is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with.

From the moment we started, she was able to help me grasp things that were unclear before. She made sure I was specific in the goals I wanted to achieve, which then helped me to set detailed action steps to implement those changes successfully. A true partnership is formed with her throughout the coaching journey, as she genuinely wants to help you achieve your desired best to improve your quality of life. I would highly recommend Kaméa as an Integrative Health Coach.”

— H. G., Fitness Trainer (Clemson, SC)


"I worked with Kaméa for several months. She used a research-based approach for helping me set personally tailored goals, and she also assisted me with breaking them into manageable steps. Kaméa is also a great listener and provided me with great ideas, resources and advice.

I was successful in accomplishing my goals because of her persistence and guidance, so I was very pleased with the results and feel motivated to accomplish more personal goals.”

— D. B., Educator (Kansas City, MO)


And now it's your turn.

For you, those you love, and those you serve, let's hit that giant reset button together.

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