As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, executive, or conscious creative, you often feel drained and overwhelmed by all that you have on your plate.








And so much so that maybe you're losing focus and motivation to even do the things you want to do; feel the way you want to feel; and live the life you want to live.








"But it's okay," you say... "Things will get better soon."

So you try to live a better month. But nothing seems to be any different.

Then, another month passes by. And then another. Yet you still find yourself in the same place as before...








Ok. So, When will things ever change for the better?








Well, what if I told you that this is completely up for you to decide?

What if I told you that you can regain your balance, confidence, clarity, and vitality just by taking inspired and supported action steps towards your optimal life vision?








But Pause. Before I go on, I need to tell you some things that I wish I didn't need to tell you.





By 2020, two-thirds of diseases world-wide may result from unhealthy, preventable lifestyle choices; the CDC estimates that 75% of all doctor visits are from stress-related concerns; and chronic stress weakens our overall immune systems and may manifest in a variety of chronic illnesses.








What I'm trying to say is...

even if you felt like you were still hanging in there, if you've been putting everything and everyone else's needs before your own, it might just cost your wellbeing irreversibly in the long run.


It's also about optimizing your well-being right now so you can:





FEEL grounded EVEN WITH A stressful LIFESTYLE;



Get comfortable with putting your foot down more;


Be optimistic in a negativity-biased WORLD;









Alas, enhancing your life quality can help you to thrive in all areas of life.








Sounds great, doesn't it?








But there's just one problem...








Even if you've already told yourself this before, and even if you already know exactly what you need to do to boost your well-being,

altering behaviors and mindsets sustainably can be extremely challenging without guidance and support from a professionally trained expert in behavioral change.








But if you'll allow me...


As an Integrative Health Coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine, I partner exclusively with highly stressed, time-pressed change makers to help them regain balance, confidence, clarity, and vitality using a proven process for change.

"Kaméa was a fundamental piece in my path to becoming a healthier, happier version of myself." D.G.M.


1-1 Private Coaching package

This signature package is perfect for you if you are ready to finally enhance your quality of life for good and actualize the optimal version of you.


  • 10 x 30 min voice-call sessions over the course of 4 months
  • Custom-tailored list of resources for your needs
  • Guided mindfulness and visualization practices for peak performance
  • Bonus worksheets for additional support in-between sessions
  • Email support during weeks without scheduled sessions

During our partnership, you can expect me to be direct, constructive, and confidential. All that you need is an open mind and eagerness to explore.

This will be your sanctuary to find calm in;
your private space to gain clarity in.




Do I need Integrative Health Coaching?

Are there behavioral or mindset changes you've been trying to make but either haven't known how or haven't been successful with in the past? Has a new health concern arisen that you would like to pay more attention to? Do you feel like something is just missing from your life and you'd like to explore how you can fill that void and boost your overall sense of life satisfaction?

Health Coaching motivates and supports any health-related changes through a structured partnership between the client and the health coach. So if you're looking to boost your well-being through behavioral or mindset changes, Integrative Health Coaching can serve as your personal bridge to guide and support you towards wherever you want to go.




What can I be coached on?

From nutrition, fitness, mental wellness, relationships, mindfulness, to your professional life and more, we will assess and unravel all areas of your life so that you can gain clarity in what to prioritize focusing on first and how to get started.




How will you help me?

By using my intuitive listening skills, I ask powerful questions that will help motivate you to make the changes you want to make.

Yes, that's right. Note that emphasis on YOU!

During our coaching relationship, I will lead you to explore what matters to you most and how you can take action to improve your lifestyle. Using a neuroscience-based process for change and additional resources customized to your needs, I will guide you to overcome obstacles and to optimize conditions for success. With regular check-in's, I will also hold you accountable for your commitments so you will gain forward-moving momentum during our partnership and beyond.



"This was my first experience with Integrative Health Coaching, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Kaméa! The last few months taught me a lot about myself and what areas I needed to enhance in order to have better balance in my professional work and personal life. I felt I opened my eyes to the bigger picture, allowing me to become more productive and healthy in my entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Especially for those of us who put a lot on our plate, these sessions can help guide you to creating better plans that encompass so much more than what you might have thought of before."

— Natalie, Founder of Sustainably Chic


"It was a pleasure to have Kaméa as my Integrative Health Coach. She guided me to see my habits and behaviors from a different perspective, which was crucial for me in recognizing that I needed a change.

During the coaching sessions, Kaméa eloquently led me to clarity in what I wanted and how I could accomplish them, carefully and objectively extracting the important parts from the panorama of my life."

— F. R. (Princeton, NJ)


"'Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.’ During my coaching sessions with Kaméa, she helped me in the process of setting my goals and she encouraged me to keep my eyes on them, instead of worrying about all the things that could go wrong.

[Kaméa] helped me regain my self confidence, and since our sessions I have made huge lifestyle changes. Kaméa was a fundamental piece in my path to becoming a healthier, happier version of myself. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.”

— D. G. M. (Mexico City, MX)


"Kaméa is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with.

From the moment we started, she was able to help me grasp things that were unclear before. She made sure I was specific in the goals I wanted to achieve, which then helped me to set detailed action steps to implement those changes successfully. A true partnership is formed with her throughout the coaching journey, as she genuinely wants to help you achieve your desired best to improve your quality of life. I would highly recommend Kaméa as an Integrative Health Coach.”

— H. G. (Clemson, SC)


I know you're extremely overwhelmed already by a busy schedule. But that's why you're here, right? Because if not now, then when?

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Important notice: My Health Coaching would not be helpful to you if you were looking for a quick fix; if you were seeking medical advice; if you were looking to have the work done for you; or if you had no desire to realize your optimal life. Due to my limited availability, my 1-1 Coaching is currently reserved for change-making entrepreneurs, execs, and creatives, eager to commit to enhancing their life and health in some way so they can better savor life while serving the world. If you are not ready for Coaching yet or are looking for other forms of support, please feel free check out my research-based book on healthy living, subscribe to my free monthly newsletter, or follow me on Instagram, where I share personal motivators on a regular basis.


KC'S Coaching Credentials

Kaméa Chayne is an Integrative Health Coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine, one of the most prestigious preventive care facilities in the country. She has a background in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and also has a certification in Culinary Nutrition from Natural Gourmet Institute.

Some of Chayne's recent endeavors which speak to her skills and passion for wellness include publishing an evidence-based reference book on holistic health, which received a raving review from Kirkus Reviews, a highly respected authority in the industry; speaking professionally to 1,700+ students and adults on wellness; being a panelist alongside Hollywood environmentalist Rachelle Begley-Carson at a Los Angeles city-wide event; and partnering with CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs with demanding lifestyles to optimize their health.

By combining her research-based knowledge, experience working with individuals affected by stress and anxiety, passion for creating lasting, positive impacts with others, curiosity to continue learning, and intuitive listening skills, Chayne partners with her clients strategically to optimize conditions for successful lifestyle enhancements.