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Hey, it's Kaméa Chayne!

With a background in preventive care - when I realized there's no way for us to be well if our waters were polluted, if our air were filled with toxic chemicals, and if our ecosystems were lacking in biodiversity, my view on "healthy living" changed. We can exercise daily, sleep nine hours every night, and eat 99% whole foods, but still be sick if our planet were sick. This is why I believe our current view of "healthy living" is shortsighted, missing out on how long-term, indirect impacts of our everyday consumer choices affect our wellbeing, and why I believe sustainability and wellness have to go hand in hand.

Cue the start of my explorations in eco-living, my discoveries on how toxic our fashion industry is (but how easy it is for consumers to vote for a healthier future with our dollars), my debut research-based book on holistic wellness, and my creative ventures working with eco-oriented, health-conscious lifestyle brands...

But having been in this space for years now, I know how difficult it can be for change makers to 1) take good care of themselves so they can best serve the people and causes they care deeply for and 2) compete with conventional companies while having less resources and more limitations. So with my bases as an eco creative, health coach, and Marketing Director of EWC, I'm dedicated to helping green pioneers and entrepreneurs better savor life, optimize their wellbeing, and elevate the impacts of their passion projects helping our planet thrive.

Thanks for being here - you have a unique gift to share with the world, and I can't wait to see you and your endeavors thrive so our world can, too. xx

Kaméa Chayne

Author of Thrive; Marketing Director of Ethical Writers & Creatives; Eco Creative for conscious fashion and lifestyle companies; Duke-Certified Health Coach for Green leaders