Global Green Pre-Oscar Gala with Energy Independence Now


As of early 2019, there are currently a few different commercially sold Hydrogen-fueled cars, including ones from Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai. In collaboration with the environmental nonprofit Energy Independence Now, which was a co-host of the 25th Global Green Pre-Oscar Gala, I test-drove the Toyota Mirai.


I honestly did not know much about Hydrogen power, nor am I a car junkie. But I appreciate cars that prioritize intuitive driving experiences, safety, fuel efficiency or the use of alternative energy, and sleek design.

The Toyota Mirai has a streamlined dashboard and screen that was easy to navigate. The interior frame of the car, along with the smooth curves of the chair and the exteriors, seemed to have been inspired in part by futuristic visions. It felt both sporty and comfortable at the same time.

Most of all, I loved how it was pretty quiet, especially when compared with conventional fuel cars. It was also fun to push the pedal down on roads with no cars and feel its swift acceleration potential.


There's much I've yet to learn about the use and making of hydrogen fuel itself, and I hope to do so in an upcoming Green Dreamer Podcast episode. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can check out to learn directly from the nonprofit.

Learn more about hydrogen power from Energy Independence Now.




Since I just got back to Los Angeles, with all of my clothes still locked away in storage, I didn't have access to my old formal attire. After exploring my alternative options, I ended up getting the honor to wear this jumpsuit made by one of my favorite sustainable fashion designer brands, The Ziran.

If you've been following my journey since about two years ago, you may remember me having already raved about the brand's unique aesthetic, ethos, practices that align with the soil-to-soil concept of circularity that I'm a huge supporter of (i.e., the idea that clothing made with natural, 100% biodegradable fabric and not treated with synthetic dyes nor toxic finishes will be able to return and integrate healthily back into our earth's biological cycle at the very end of wear), and east-meets-west inspirations, which resonate very deeply with me.


To complete the look, I put on my recycled brass, artisan-made hoops from Soko, simple sandals made with recycled microsuede fabric by RAFA, old crystal stud for my one cartilage piercing, and assortment of old, gold-toned dainty rings.

I have not used nail polish in years—I just make sure they're healthy by putting on any oils or rich creams I have around before going to bed at night.



Overall, I'm extremely grateful and humbled to have been able to attend Global Green's Pre-Oscar Gala and to have been graced by people doing such inspiring work within sustainability. I did bump into a few of our past Green Dreamer Podcast guests, including Ibrahim AlHusseini and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, which was fun.

Anyway, looking forward to learning more about hydrogen fuel with you soon!

This was part of a Creative Collaboration with Energy Independence Now. Photos are copyrighted @KameaChayne.

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