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Kaméa Chayne x KANEKTA
by @KameaChayne
Kaméa Chayne x KANEKTA

A challenge I frequently see business owners of conscious fashion and lifestyle brands face is being able to share their work, fueled by their passion, with more people - to ultimately be able to sustain their work and elevate their positive impacts. I often collaborate with eco brands for my personal platforms by way of content creation, and after seeing the huge successes of well-planned influencer campaigns, I believe strongly in the effectiveness of this type of collaboration to help a brand grow in today's landscape (marketing research has proven so, too). However, the reality is (based on what I've learned) that influencer marketing will only bring back a solid return on investment if your starting budget is upwards of at least a few thousand dollars.

This is because it takes an average of 7 interactions between a consumer and a brand to drive any sort of action. With this in mind, investing in one ad feature or one blogger collaboration becomes just one piece of the big puzzle of bringing someone from initial awareness to trust and memorability, and then closer to taking action (e.g., subscribe, follow, download, purchase, etc.). Someone new to a brand needs to hear about it once, three times, seven times or more, whether it's from the same person or from various sources (social proof) before feeling comfortable enough to take action. So, unless you have a genius marketing strategy and happen to be best friends with influential people, hinging on a small budget or the goodwill of a few small hobby bloggers as your sole "marketing plan" can be very risky.

Especially in the earlier stages of an e-commerce business, it takes money to make money. And it takes more money, more time, and more courage experimenting with what works and what doesn't to have a business eventually and really take off.

Even as we take a step back, this reveals an even larger issue. Often, brands wanting to do things more responsibly are smaller in scale, started by independent, purpose-driven entrepreneurs with very limited reach and resources. But in order for us to accelerate towards a sustainable, ethical, thriving world where workers are paid fairly for their work, products made responsibly this way also need to be widely and easily accessible from niche and mainstream retailers around the globe. (If you're a retail buyer, stay tuned - this is for you, too!)

This is why I'm so excited to share my partner platform, KANEKTA, with you.

Kamea Chayne x KANEKTA

Kanekta is a digital sourcing platform connecting ethical brands and suppliers to retail buyers across the globe. brands I've personally worked with that use Kanekta include Matter Prints and Artisan & Fox.


If you're the owner of a conscious fashion or lifestyle brand, after you apply and get accepted to use the Kanekta platform, you will get a customizable digital showroom with which to showcase your products. Retailers using the platform will then be able to buy your goods as wholesale in bulk.

Especially if you got into this space out of a love for the designing, crafting, and making part of the business (not necessarily having expertise in e-commerce, marketing, and sales), this would be a great way to elevate your brand and reach a larger audience. You can keep doing what you love most — making top notch, mindful products — and allow retailers who are experts at the selling piece to source products from you and get your brand and products out into the world.

The platform is free to use and requires no upfront investments, making this a great way to leverage your brand, especially if you don't have a lot of time, financial resources, or e-commerce and marketing expertise.

On the flip side, if you're the buyer or owner of a retailer, Kanekta makes ethical sourcing super easy. Boutiques, gift shops, home and lifestyle stores and e-commerce curators alike can place purchase orders from multiple brands directly, simplifying and streamlining the wholesale buying experience. Because Kanekta vets the brands that use the platform to ensure they are committed to transparency and mindful manufacturing practices, you can have faith in knowing that the daunting research piece has been done for you and focus on simply finding products you know your customers would love.

In the bigger picture, this is amazing because conventional stores (not necessarily focused on being ethical or eco-friendly) can also source products with the platform and easily incorporate responsibly made goods into their stores. This means Kanekta simultaneously supports small conscious fashion and lifestyle brands, elevates retailers for them to easily source from one place, and helps us work towards a more ethical and sustainable world in a way that can really scale.

Kanekta Review by Kaméa Chayne

Whether you represent a conscious brand or retailer, the application and signup process is free and super simple - Click here to get started.

It's not easy to thrive in a space dominated by conventional brands that capitalize on being able to do things cheaply and quickly, but I believe in you and I'm wholeheartedly inspired by your passion and dedication to a larger purpose beyond the bottom line. For now, I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from Priyanka, the Co-Founder of Kanekta:

"I always had this mentality that you can achieve your goals using a formula: Putting a certain amount of time and energy into something would yield a reasonable result.

Though after actually starting Kanekta with my two partners, I soon realized that there is so much more to building a successful business than that. The truth is, when you are trying to change a system and shift a segment of society’s way of thinking, success is not as simple as XYZ.

The toughest pill to swallow is, if you're as impatient as I am, realizing that these things take time, most especially when you are fighting for a cause so dear to you but at the same time so distant to the majority. My partners and I have learned to celebrate the small wins and we are continuing to push through the tough moments and decisions. Always remember that you are surrounded by other conscious entrepreneurs, striving to build a fairer more transparent future for all."


This post was sponsored by the inspiring team at Kanekta. All views are my own.