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Trying On Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry at Home with MiaDonna

Trying On Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry at Home with MiaDonna

Not only is it extremely hard to trace the origins of earth-mined diamonds, the most widely used methods of mining them are also quite environmentally damaging (think digging massive pits in the earth several football fields deep, using giant machinery to suck up sand from our seabed, etc.).

But with the ability to now create diamonds from laboratory settings, where the end product is chemically the exact same thing as earth-mined diamonds, there's basically no more need to purchase mined diamonds. There are plenty already out there from the resale market, and there are now also stunning and relatively more affordable lab-grown options around.

Kamea Chayne x MiaDonna Diamonds | Eco-Friendly Lab-Grown Diamonds
Kamea Chayne x MiaDonna Diamonds | Eco Lab-Grown Diamonds

For this creative collaboration, I worked with MiaDonna's bridal jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds. What especially drew me to the brand is its attentiveness to detail—it also uses recycled precious metals in the settings of its elegant pieces.


Whether you're choosing something for yourself or for a loved one, it can be daunting to shop for engagement rings online, which is why the brand offers “The MiaDonna Home Try-On.”

With this service, you can select four styles to try on, and the brand will send it to you via USPS First Class Shipping. The most thoughtful part about this? It's free (with a security deposit) to request a week-long try-on, and there's no obligation whatsoever to make a purchase. This means you or your loved ones can truly have a peace of mind looking for a perfect piece to commemorate your special occasion with.


For me, this special time has yet to come. But I hope this will serve as a big hint for my future soulmate ;)

This is part of a creative collaboration with MiaDonna. I'm grateful to be able to work with brands on a mission to support social and environmental welfare in each of their own ways. All photos are copyrighted @KameaChayne.

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