Hey there! It's Kaméa Chayne - just a fellow human striving to enrich my life with purposeful pleasures while learning to live more mindfully for our planet's health.

My big lightbulb moment came when I realized that regardless of how fit we are, how balanced our diets are with whole foods, how hydrated we maintain, how well rested we are, and how strong our social networks are... there's absolutely no way we can be healthy if the water we drank everyday were polluted; if the air we breathed everyday were polluted; if we were physically and mentally disconnected from nature for prolonged periods of time; and if the foods we ate were either contaminated by toxic chemicals or raised unhealthily in nutrient-depleted soils and environments lacking in biodiversity.

When simply savoring life's pleasures and in the bigger picture, "economic development", equate with compromising our planet's wellbeing and therefore ours, it became clear that it's time to rethink and redesign the ways we live. "Progress" should mean improving, not hurting, our quality of living, our whole wellbeing, and our planet's health.

So how can we thrive holistically and enjoy life in ways that support our planet to thrive at the same time? I believe it's possible, and that's what I've set out to explore with my various creative projects: Green Dreamer Podcast, Conscious Fashion Collective, Eco Escapes, and my personal blog here and on Instagram @KameaChayne.

Thank you for bringing your light. I hope you'll join me in this imperfect learning journey to thrive in every sense of the word, as I continue to curiously and inquisitively explore eco and socially conscious fashion, travel, lifestyle, business, and wellness.

Kamea Chayne

"Millennial pioneer in sustainable living" - HalfStack Mag

Also Named a top wellness influencer and trendsetter by Origin magazine, and a leader in sustainability by mindbodygreen editorial

Dreaming of a thriving planet to explore & call home.