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Now more than ever, our planet needs your light to thrive.

As a creative with a background in marketing, I work holistically with eco-driven fashion, lifestyle, and professional services brands like yours to help you elevate your brand presence, reach a larger audience of people who already value quality over quantity, and make a bigger impact.

Having been featured in GLAMOUR, The Good Trade, Thoughtfully Mag, Origin Magazine, and Rodale's Organic Life, I'm most known for my inquisitive, positive, and research-based approach to covering conscious fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, travel, and social entrepreneurship.

Over the past years, I've grown a community of 50k+ humans across various platforms passionate about supporting brands leading the way in helping us realize a healthier planet to call home. My podcast, Green Dreamer, is also an iTunes Category Top Charts show which features a diverse range of renowned thought leaders, pioneers, industry experts, and creatives in sustainability.

Get in touch below with more information about your work, and my team will be in touch soon with my Media Kit if we are a good fit to work together.



I'm honored to have been named one of the top wellness influencers and trendsetters by Origin Magazine, a Green Leader by mindbodygreen editorial, and a Millennial Pioneer in Sustainable Living by HalfStack Mag.


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*Minimum initial partnership investment is $500. My team and I do not work through CPC/CPA pricing; accept gifts in exchange for content creation; nor join independent referral programs.

Unsure of your campaign goal? Please see below for recommendations.

Raise brand awareness: If your brand is not already well-known among conscious consumers, this would be your best option, as it takes time and repeating exposures for new potential customers to trust your brand and make a purchase when they need what you have to offer. Our work would focus on introducing your brand, mission, and practices to our audience.

Build brand stickiness: If your brand is somewhat known among conscious consumers, this would be your best option, as it would help your brand become top-of-mind for when potential customers are thinking of and looking for something like what you offer. Our work would focus on solidifying your brand as a go-to for your product type/category.

Drive sales for a collection: If your brand is well-known and you'd like to drive sales for a collection or special promotion, this would be your best option. People already are familiar with your brand and may already be looking forward to a sale or new collection. Our work would focus on promoting your new product, collection, or exclusive discounts.