kamea chayne


Below, I'm sharing some of the best tools I've experimented with that have empowered me to streamline my processes, elevate my multi-media work, and unleash my creativity.



Camera: Fujifilm XT-2 (used)
*I've used several Canon cameras and this one, and have found this to be a go-to winner for me.

Lens: Fujinon XF56mm F1.2R (used)
*This is what I use for most lifestyle photos for beautiful bokeh.

Wide-angle lens: Fujinon XF14mm F2.8R (used)
*This is what I use for landscape photography and the great outdoors.

Photo-editing: Adobe Lightroom CC


Microphone: AT2020+ USB condenser mic

Headphones: House of Marley

Newsletter platform: ConvertKit

Scheduling interviews: Acuity Scheduling

Podcast hosting: LibSyn

Audio editing: Audacity (free)

Creating digital graphics: Adobe Photoshop

Creating soundbite graphics: Wavve.co


Website Platform: SquareSpace

*I've tried both SS and WordPress and have found SS to best fit my need for intuitive styling of posts. ConsciousFashion.co, the upcoming GreenDreamer.com, and this website are all run using SquareSpace.

My conclusion is that SS is easier to use and can easily be made to look stunning and professional (great for bloggers, podcasters, small brands focused on fashion and lifestyle), while WP may be better for those looking to build complex websites with lots of functionalities that only WP external plug-ins can provide.


Getting audience support: Patreon

Invoicing: PayPal Business

Impact Investing: Swell Investing

Affiliate Networks: AvantLink, SkimLinks, ShareaSale, VigLinks, RStyle
*These are networks you can join to turn approved brand or product suggestions you were going to make, anyway, into paid referrals (usually 5-15% commission) for sales made through your links within a certain number of days. Every program has different participating partners. I'm in the process of putting together a guide on which social impact and sustainability oriented brands are in each network so you'll know which best aligns with your platform's mission.


*I'm slowly adding to this page as I go and will add more insights on each. I hope this is helpful to the passion project you're working on, and thank you for your interest in my work!